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Resource List for Federal Retirement

Office of Personnel Management (OPM)

Phone 888-767-6738 (OPM Retirement Services)

Phone Federal Relay Service for hearing impaired users – 800-877-8339

Email (OPM Retirement Operations Center)

The Retirement Services section at the OPM website includes:

  • FAQs for pre and post-retirement

  • Retirement plan/annuity overview

  • Publications, pamphlets, and forms (FEHB, FEGLI, etc.)

  • CSRS/FERS Handbook

  • Federal Ballpark E$timate (FBE)

  • Calculators

  • Annuitant and beneficiary information

Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)

Phone 877-968-3778 (TDD 877-847-4385)

Email send through the Secure Message Center by logging into your TSP account

The TSP website offers:

  • TSP overview

  • Fund information and performance

  • FAQs for participants and beneficiaries

  • Loan basics, in-service withdrawals

  • Living in retirement

Phone 844-872-4681

The website includes information about:

  • Basics on retirement planning and pension benefits

  • How Social Security works

  • Retiring from civil service

  • Managing a private pension

  • Saving for retirement

Social Security Administration (SSA)

Phone 800-772-1213 (TTY 800-325-0778)

The SSA website offers topics such as:

  • Planning for retirement

  • How retirement benefits work

  • Understanding benefits

  • How to apply for benefits

  • Deciding when to start retirement benefits

  • Retirement estimate calculator

  • Retirement FAQs

  • Sign-up for the social security newsletter

Online Resources

There are a variety of online resources and forums that cover federal retirement issues and news.

FedChoice FCU Member Resources

FedChoice FCU is more than simply a provider of financial services, they also provide peace of mind. Members of FedChoice have access to a suite of financial guidance to help prepare and plan for retirement including webinars, financial literacy events, financial wellness tools, retirement planning/resources, and GreenPath Financial Wellness.

Adjusting to retirement financially might be easier with a FedChoice Retirement Gap Line-of-Credit that can fill in while you wait for your retirement to be finalized and receive your full monthly amount. This line-of-credit can be tapped for up to 12 months while you’re waiting for your retirement to be processed.

Making informed financial decisions is particularly important related to retirement and Greenpath financial experts can help you prepare with debt management, a savings plan, building a budget, and much more! Counselors are available Monday through Saturday.

If you’re not a FedChoice member yet, what are you waiting for? There are a host of products and services available! Join online at

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