A Fresh Approach to

Federal Retirement & Benefits



Welcome to Tangerine...a completely new and unique way for the federal community to learn about benefits and retirement planning. A benefits center named Tangerine? Yes, and that’s exactly the point – you’ve never experienced anything like this before.


Tangerine is a non-profit foundation created by FedChoice Federal Credit Union to provide the federal community with financial literacy geared to the federal community. Sure, there are already vast amounts of benefits information available to federal employees, the challenge is discerning what applies to you amidst the maze of options. Equally important is identifying a trustworthy relationship from whom to solicit advice and guidance. That's why Tangerine was founded! Remember the days when each federal agency offered personalized guidance to employees? Unfortunately, those days are gone but the need remains. And that's precisely the gap that Tangerine intends to fill.


We envision Tangerine to be a collaborative effort between its members and the Foundation. A gateway to share expertise and tips learned over years of federal service with those who are newcomers to the government, as well as a trusted, unbiased source of seminars, round tables, and personalized advice.   

Our Mission: To improve the lives of individual members of FedChoice Federal Credit Union who are in need and to better the communities in which those members live.





Financial Guidance

Federal benefits can be a maze of information and choices. Tangerine will help make your decisions easier.

Retirement Planning

Is it time to retire? Do I have enough money to live comfortably in retirement? What about Social Security benefits? 

If you've found yourself asking any of those questions, you've come to the right place. At Tangerine, we'll help you sort through the ins and outs of retirement planning. 

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